How to get a free smartphone without money

Are you looking for a smartphone but don't want to pay for it? Well there is a lots of ways to get a free smartphone without money. In this article I am going to tell you about the 3 legal ways to get a smartphone with no money.

This are the only ways to get free smartphone at your doorstep. If you want to get it for free than here are the ways to do it.

Source : Cnet

Technique no. one - Participate in maximum Giveaways

There are lots of Tech creators at YouTube who keeps on flowing their recently reviewed smartphones to their Audience. This is the best way to get a smartphone for you at your doorstep for free. There is always 2-3 giveaways every week on the big youtube channels like Super Saf, MKBHD etc.


You must take part in all these giveaways to get your luck tested and may be you can win the battle?

Technique no. Two - Become a Tech Influencer

This technique takes time but this is definetly a way to get free smartphone at your doorstep. Just hold your smartphone with your mic on and Get Set Go....This method helps to create some extra income along with the smartphone if you are really good at your work.

Technique no. Three - Throw Old Stuffs

This technique is quiet weired, but it works. The only thing you have to do is collect all the old gadgets from your store room and give it for exchange. This method can be helpful to get atleast a decent smartphone for free.

So this was the 3 legal ways to get a free smartphone at your doorstep. Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for more...
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