The new MacBook Air won’t let you complain, thanks to the new Apple's M1 silicon Chipset that is powering it. But,

How powerful is the new MacBook Air with the M1? Here is everything.


Apple MacBook Air M1: What is new?

Well, when it comes to looks, the MacBook Air is not at all different from the version launched earlier this year. So it has the crystal clear display, the finger-friendly keyboard with TouchID and large trackpad. There are still just the two USB-C ports. All the changes are inside.

The New M1 Chipset

As Apple put its own M1 chip inside, this is also the first MacBook Air to not be powered by an Intel's processor. Apple’s new silicon is based on the 5-nanometer technology and has 16 billion transistors inside. 

This is most probably the most powerful processor with integrated graphics that has gone into a laptop ever. Apple’s new chip design means it is faster in processing machine learning and has a lower thermal footprint and hence offers double the battery life of an average laptop.

Since the M1 actually comes from Apple’s mobile processor thinking, the new MacBook Air can run a lot of iPhone and iPad apps without any porting at all. On the Mac store, you can switch to see the mobile apps available for any search. 

Every time you open a RAW image on the iPhone 12 Pro Max it takes a second and shows a processing message. There is no such delay on the MacBook Air. The output comes out much faster than you expect. Also, just moving files around is much faster.

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What could have been better?

Problem with the M1 is that, how Apple hasn’t really pushed the ability of the camera in comparison to the earlier versions. With a Full HD front camera, this MacBook Air M1 had the opportunity to be more relevant for the pandemic times we live in.

For users who need access to specific software, there will be some frustration initially in making it compatible with the new silicon, more so if it is not a very popular app. So keep this aspect in mind before committing yourself to the new MacBook Air.

Should you buy the new Macbook Air M1?

The new MacBook Air with the M1 processor gives users a runway to do more with their laptops from editing videos to graphic-rich gaming and you are not really paying anything extra for the enhanced experience. This MacBook Air is clearly the laptop of the year and M1 the processor of the future.

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