6 Ways to Quickly charge your smartphone

Charging takes a lot of time.  Well nothing can be done as time is always a crucial thing that is required for all kinds of tasks. In this article you will come to know about the 6 effective tips to charge your phone quickly. So here we go...


.Use flight mode

This is a very simple tip that will keep your phone charging fast without turning off all its functions, as it happens often when you turn the phone off completely. When you put the phone on flight mode, features like its calling, internet browsing or GPS stops working., due to which the load on battery and charging is reduced by approx 70%

Even if the charging done in this way is not spectacular, it still happens in an extraordinary way in a short time.

2. Turn it off completely

You can take the above tip to the next level by turning your phone's power to OFF. This will shut down all the internal processing giving you more charging speed in less interval of time.

3. Do not charge it with USB port

The mobile phone would charge faster than electricity instead of the USB port. For example, In case of Apple iPhones, the company itself recommends to charge the mobile with a power socket on the wall using a USB cable provided with the phone adapter.

4. Keep it in the proper temperature

Higher temperature reduces the battery's capability to hold and retain charge, as the ions and electrons gets super-excited. Apple assures that battery performance decreases significantly due to heat and recommends that the phone must be protected from the sun.

Therefore, the best way to maintain the phone's optimal temperature is to keep it in the room with normal or cool temperature and to make sure that the back cover is not fitted in the smartphone.

5. Use official charger

Not all chargers are the same, even if they look like this. The best thing is to always use the original charger, which gives the best results. In fact, the use of unauthorized chargers can cause problems in the motherboard.

6. Use Good Quality Cable

Maybe the quality of the cable can be a less important thing for you but believe me, the speed of charging varies with a great ratio on changing the quality of the data cable used. I tried testing my smartphone with a good quality cable and bad quality cable and below was my observations:

  • The good cable resulted in full charging in less than 1.5 hrs. which also helps to retain the battery life and backup.
  • In the next experiment done by 50rs. cable. My phone's sub-board was damaged resulting in charging port failures and ultimately the smartphone got dead in less than 10 days of charging. Hopefully recovered my phone by replacing the sub board.
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