Major Apple iPhone trends ‘copied’ by Android makers in last few years

There have been certain hardware features that most companies have tried to ‘copy’ from iPhones over the years. While some were seen in an iPhone for the first time, we created a short list mentioning 5 iPhone Features and Strategies that were Copied in last few years.


1.) TouchID

This is one of the major features that just changed how we make payments or unlock the smartphone. However, this tech caught up in the media and public ever since the arrival of iPhone 5S.

It had the same design as the iPhone 5 but included a TouchID sensor on the home button. Other popular Android manufacturer Copied this idea and applied it in the backside of their smartphone as Fingerprint Sensor.

2.) Face Unlock - FaceID

Some handsets in 2017 started showing up with face unlock as well. This is another piece of tech that is present in all premium handsets. While the Galaxy S8 and few others had it back in 2017.

Things got serious when iPhone X entered the market having flood illuminators, IR blaster and camera to get the most precise capturing. 

3.) Removing charger from retail box

This is one of the most major changes brought by Apple in the smartphone market – removing the charger from the iPhone retail box. Other manufacturer like Samsung and Xiaomi, Started removing chargers from the retail box.

4.) Notch display

iPhone also popularised the concept of a ‘notch’. Other popular phones like Galaxy S8, Nokia 5.1 Plus and Honor copied the concept in their smartphones. 

Some even went ahead and launched phones with two notches, one at the top and one at the bottom.

5.) Removing 3.5mm headphone jack

Apple took removed the 3.5mm headphone jack, something which none of the Android OEMs even imagined at that point. It was only a year after iPhone 7 that Android handsets without 3.5 jack started coming in. 

This was Apple’s first major move towards a wireless future. Quite recently it made another move in the same direction with MagSafe charger.

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