Why Mid-range Smartphones have more mah Battery than Most of the Flagship and expensive Smartphones?

I am sure you too have noticed that most of the smartphones that are packed with large Screens & Display often fall in the mid-range segment which is around or below INR 20,000.

In this article I will give some facts and my personal opinion regarding the android battery capacity in Mid-range and a expensive smartphones.


I am not assuring that this Analysis is true for all the smartphone that exist in the market. But, Ya! Most of them.

Introduction : Game of mah Battery Capacity

It feels often confusing that why smartphone companies provide such confusing lithium ion battery capacities in their smartphones (Here, I am not discussing about the iPhone battery capacities).

For Example : If you look at the One Plus than there is only 3800mah battery capacity in One Plus 7t but at the mean time One Plus Nord has 4100 mah battery.
Similarly : SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 has 4000 mah battery while SAMSUNG Galaxy M30S has 6000 mah battery capacity.

Also, if you look at iphone x battery mah you will find it near about 2800 mah. Even the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max battery mah is 3969 only.

Hope you understood a little about the thing I wanna talk with.

What's the Demand?

Before moving further let's talk about the common features which is very much served in the smartphones under INR 20,000.

  • Larger Displays.
  • Big Battery Capacity.
  • More Mega Pixels.
  • Less Price.
This are the things which is in high demand by the users under midrange segment of the smartphones.

Why this Demand?

On analysis of this facts, We came to know that maximum midrange smartphone users are either Social Media Consumer or Video consumer or something like that. That's the reason Why there is huge demand of midrange smartphones with above mentioned specs.

So, in this case it is very important to build a phone with large display and battery to satisfy the 

Why Mid-range Smartphones have more mah Battery than expensive Smartphones?

Technically the usage of midrange smartphones are very high as compared to the expensive smartphones. Also, the flagship smartphones bear less power consuming processors, displays and sensors which make them work on less mah capacity.

Cheap smartphones are literally used very harshly and they bear a bit more power consuming components which makes it necessary to pack with more mah battery.

This was for today. Hope you Enjoyed, Don't forget to share :D and stay tuned with Tech Laren.

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