Utopia Ecosystem - Reality is here

From the last few years, the security issues have been increased in the use of Internet. Utopia is considered as one of the safest ecosystem in the internet world.

So, in this article I will explain each and every possible elements of Utopia Ecosystem. So that you may get a proper conclusion before using it.

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What is Utopia Ecosystem

Utopia ecosystem is a Decentralized Ecosystem (Ecosystem which doesn't require  involvement of server). It is a P2P ecosystem in which no servers are used to collect users data.
This ecosystem provides you access to all the necessary websites hence keeps your work uninterrupted.

Unlike Google and Facebook this ecosystem is supported by group of people using it. This ecosystem is much more similar to the way torrent works but not exactly.
This ecosystem claims to not collect any information of their users. We will discuss this later.

Benefits of Utopia Ecosystem



For your proper understanding I have listed the main benefits of using Utopia. At the same time it doesn't means that it is completely safe from every perspective.

  • Utopia is decentralized. No one can track you.
  • It uses P2P for better protection.
  • Local connections are protected via 256bit AES and standard connections are secured with Curve25519 high-speed elliptic curve cryptography.
  • You get reward for using it.
  • You are completely anonymous and free to do whatever you want.
  • It uses three layers of security.
  • No one can access your personal information.
  • No one can decrypt your data except the recipient.
  • Payments are secured with Cryptocurrency "Krypton".
  • Your data is not stored anywhere.

How to Install Utopia

After registering on the Beta Portal you have to download Utopia Application. After installation you will be given Hardware ID and Private Key to activate your Licence.

Once you activate the licence your Utopia Appl
ication will be linked with your beta portal account. Currently Utopia Ecosystem is only available for Windows and Mac. Its androis app is under development.

The requirements for devices to continue mining Cryptons


  • 64-bit operating system
  • At least 4090 MB of free RAM
  • Minimum of 4 cores CPU is recommended
  • Public IP and high-quality internet connection

Why Utopia can be a scam


Even it seems much trustworthy. The Utopia ecosystem can still be a subject of concern among the group of peoples.

I have checked some details of Utopia in the Internet and I came to know that it is completely anonymous. Same as the things happens in darkweb and torrent.

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Here I have provided screenshot of the domain and hosting of the website. No details of the owner can be found.

It doesn't means that utopia ecosystem is a scam but it may be. However it is working from several years.

Maybe today this ecosystem is future of internet privacy but there is not guarantee that it will remain safe forever.



Utopia is a great ecosystem for now or maybe for future also, but it feels difficult to trust its security as it is completely anonymous. Remember it is so anonymous that if our data get leaked we can't even come to know.

You can use utopia ecosystem for fun, experience and enjoyment. Well I mostly don't prefer this type of ecosystem for long term usage.
This was all for today. Hope you loved? Stay tuned with Tech Laren for more...
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