how to easily install Chromebook OS in your PC.

Chromebook OS Introduction :

There are lots of operating systems in the market but Windows Operating system by Microsoft and OsX by Apple is very popular.

Recently Google has introduced Chrome Operating System for most of the chromebooks, it's a light weight operating systems which is provided in the Chromebooks as default called chromebook os. So, get ready to install chrome os for your PC.

Source : Google
Google’s Chrome OS offers a low-cost third option. Chromebooks running the cloud-based operating system have become very popular and it’s easy to see why.

They are affordable because as long as you’re happy to carry out most of your work on the web and in your browser, they don’t require much expensive processing power.C
In today's article you will come to know about installing chrome operating system in your laptop or PC.

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What are the requirements


You will require the following files to get your work done.

  1. A pendrive of 8 or 16GB Capacity.
  2. CloudReady image file. Get
  3. Chromebook Recovery Kit. Get
  4. Your old laptop or notebook.
  5. Small patience and time.

How to install chrome operating system in your slow Laptop


  1. Go to and select either the 32-bit or 62-bit download file.
  2.  Insert a blank USB flash drive (or one you don’t mind losing the data on), open the Chrome web browser, then install and run the Chromebook Recovery Utility. Do not click the ‘Get started’ button. Instead, click the gear icon and choose ‘Use local image’.
  3. Navigate to the saved file (Image file from step 1)  and select the media you want to use for the installation. Make sure you select 
the correct drive. Click Continue and confirm that the details on the next page are correct. Assuming they are, click ‘Create now’. Agree to the UAC prompt that appears.
  4. Creating a recovery image should only take a few minutes – don’t unplug the USB drive during the process.
  5. When it’s done, restart your PC and boot from the USB drive. The CloudReady installer will load. Set your language, keyboard, and network, then click Continue to begin the installation process.
  6. During installation, you’ll need to agree to install Flash, then sign in to your ‘Chromebook’ using your existing Google account.
  7. Choose a picture to use for your account and you’ll be offered the chance to take a tour of your new device. The System Tray provides access to the settings, which is where you’ll find the option to install CloudReady.
  8. Click the Install CloudReady button. You’ll have the option of installing it as a standalone operating system or as a dual boot alongside Windows.
  9. If you select the latter, you’ll be able to choose between loading Windows or CloudReady when you boot up.


Extras : Install some apps

There are lots of apps to choose from, but we’d definitely recommend the following:

  •  Google Drive: Store and access all your files through Google’s cloud-storage service.
  • VLC for Chrome OS: An excellent media player that can handle any audio or video file.
  • JSTorrent: A BitTorrent client that works very well on Chromebooks (or PCs pretending to be Chromebooks).
  • Evernote: The popular note-taking app.
  • Kindle Cloud Reader: Help to read ebooks directly in the Chromium web browser.

If you decide in the end that you’d rather buy a new Chromebook, we recommend the excellent Samsung Chromebook 3 available at Amazon.

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