Nokia 5.1 Plus for 2020, should you go for it?

Nokia 5.1 Plus launched in 2018 and was far successful in terms of Design and performance with its Glass back panel this smartphone was one among most successful smartphones in the Market.

I personally feel a bit dis-satisfaction from this smartphone which I am gonna mention in the upcoming lines. Let's start with the design and the features it offers than we will move towards the drawbacks as well.

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This will be a detailed review of Nokia 5.1 Plus in 2020.                                                                        


Source : Nokia

What's Good?

There are lots of amazing features in Nokia 5.1 Plus which are helpful for a productive Output. Some of them are mentioned below.
  • Design :-  

    • The major highlight of this smartphone in 2020 can be its design. This Phone bears a simple and elegant clean design which offers a premium feel in hands.
    • Not only this, the Glass back and Glossy finish all over the body is really very impressive and Nokia's branding on the center back gives a proper finish to the smartphone.
  • Quality :-

    • The build quality of this smartphone is very good as it can give a premium feel to your hands and pockets. Nokia has used high quality Poly-carbonate like material in the sides which makes the overall smartphone durable.
  • Display :-

    • Display of this phone can be better but Nokia has provided a 720P HD Display which is good in all round usage and quality. If you are pro worker or if you prefer your smartphone for only your work then this is not a big matter.
                                                                               I personally feel no problem with it's quality but, the display can be  more better. 
  • Camera :-

    • The camera of this smartphone offers a lots of feature like integrated Google Lens, Live bokeh, Slo-Mo and much more. The camera is good in every aspect if the lightning
       condition is good.
                                    The video mode also has several features like motion detection, Dual face recording (front and back simultaneously), PIP (picture in picture) which is good for average user.
  • Sound :-

    •  The sound and speaker quality of this smartphone is of high value. The speakers are loud, clear and most important the Audio management is up to the mark at this price point. 
  •  charging :-

    • Nokia offered Type-C charging port for this smartphone which can be a highlighting feature for most of the smartphone lovers in 2020. Well I noticed a problem with it which is mentioned later.
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What's Bad?

Since every element has two sides, this smartphone too has some drawbacks which I noticed while using. I have mentioned all the problems below.
  • Display :- 

    • No doubt the display quality is impressive in Nokia 5.1 plus. Still, the 720P display can be annoying for some users who prefer Full hd+ and Amoled displays.  
  •  Camera :-

    • Nokia features double camera setup on back.Camera is on to the point but, the detailing can be more better.
    • The camera performs very badly in low light and the front camera over beautify the natural look even if the beauty mode is set to off. 
    • The edge detection in the Bokeh is worst. The sensor can not identify between the subject and background properly.

  • Battery :-

    • If you are willing to purchase Nokia 5.1 Plus in 2020 for a good performance and battery backup then give up you thoughts. This phone can handle heavy tasks  upto 12 hrs or even less only.
    • The phone is packed with 3060mAh battery whose real capacity is below 3000mAh, so you can't expect a good battery retention up-to full day for a heavy or mid range usage.
    • I will recommend to go for some better alternatives if you want a good battery retention in your smartphone.
  • Charging Port :-

    • No doubt that Nokia 5.1 Plus has a Type-C charging port, still there is a same issue with thousands of customers including me.
    • Nokia has given something faulty in the charging port due to which the charger can't charge the smartphone properly or takes more than 5hrs to charge the phone from 0 to 100%.
    • The charging port becomes loose within a month due to which phone stops charging inspite of showing Plugged-in.

    So, this was the complete details of Nokia 5.1 Plus if you are willing to purchase it in 2020. Hope you are done, Go ahead and
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