What is Coronil?

Today the world is facing a tremendous imbalance due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. The world has surpassed the toll of 6.5 million coronavirus patients and is still growing day by day.

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India had crossed Italy’s number and everyone is worried about the tremendous growth of the pandemic day by day.

At this time, when India is suffering from a worst thing that is Medical infrastructure collapse that had taken us very near to the Medical emergency Patanjali announced their new Ayurvedic medicine "Coronil" and claimed that their Coronil kit can effectively cure coronavirus patients.

Souce : Patanjali

What was the Main Composition of Coronil that was Unknown till Now?

The scientists of Whole world are busy in research to prepare vaccine of covid-19 but till now none of them succeeded. But, Patanjali had claimed that their Coronil kit can cure the coronavirus patients with zero risk factors. Now let's take a look on the major effective elements of Coronil kit.

The medicine comes in the pack of three and made by elements such as Tulsi, Giloy, and Ashwagandha.

The research on medicine conducted by the Patanjali Research Institute, and 100 per cent favorable results. But looking the growth rate of the disease it seems that treatment of several thousands will be still insufficient.

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How Coronil Kit works on covid patients?

Swami Ramdev said:- the coronil kit targets the respiratory system to counter the effects of coronavirus in the patients body.

It also increases the immunity of the person taking proper Doses, hence increasing the chance of successful treatment.

The Indian Government requested the Company to stop claiming its effectiveness words until a solid treatment result is found after several tests. Increasing Technology trends has given some means to control this disease up to some limits.
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