Why Pop Up Selfie Cameras Failed? Analysis!

Well during the ending of 2017 there was a developing craze of having a big display in the smartphones. Users started loving smartphones which features big display because it is of very use.

At the Starting of 2018 more and more smartphone companies started manufacturing smartphones with more larger display that have been there never before.

And Obviously all you know the name "Infinity Display". Maybe you have used, or may be your friend had one or may be you are still using it right now in 2020.

So, this is GMR Siddiqui (Raza Siddiqui) and in this article we are going to discuss a bit about the failure of PopUp Technology.

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From The Starting?

As I mentioned above, the discovery of POP UP technology is the outcome of users demand. Slowly improvement in the size and quality of display in a perfect Budget increased user's experience due to which the Large Display smartphones became very Popular.

Now this created a challenge between the various Smartphone Brands to bring their Product a level UP everytime.

The Main Factor Behind The Scene?

We know, that The China has Best Manufacturing Technology and this is only Chinese Brands who can bring the Next Level technology to the market in a very short time and in a particular affordable Budget.

There was no idea about such a Powerful Camera technology. But the famous Chinese Brands Like Oppo and Vivo succeeded in their Research and Development and Introduced Popup Selfie Camera in their Smartphones.

They have not only given this, but also the Indisplay Fingerprint, Speakers and Indisplay Cameras are part of their development programmes.

Before The PopUp Camera?

Now there might be a confusion why there is so importance of PopUp? Actually the main scene Starts with the launch of iPhone X which featured a large Display with a wider Notch in the camera side. This was appreciated the Most in starting. 

But after sometime the smartphone Users started Disliking the wider Notch due to which the other chinese companies started bringing out there smartphones with smaller notch like Realme C1, and Realme C2.      

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So, coming to the point again, Let's discuss about the main reason of the failure of the popup selfie Camera. For your easy understanding here is a video which will explain the whole phenomenon.

No doubt that this technology was very Innovative but still, it failed the reason behind its failure are.............
  • It Uses a special type of camera up down mechanism, which can not be easily repaired.
  • The Dust particle easily get stuck in the corner gap of Camera which makes the camera to fail.
  • Camera Needs more precaution for cleaning and clearing
  • According to me the pop up camera is not only innovative but it is costly also due to which the repair cost is also high than any other smartphones.
  • Also the PopUp selfie takes more seconds to open which can be annoying for some people. 

There are several pros and cons of popup camera but still it is a smart piece of Innovation and Architecture but at the same time one can not Ignore its failure.

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