Xiaomi has announced to launch its latest smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is going to rock on the market, let us discuss about the Mi 10 Pro in detail. I will try to consider few questions also, instead of just going towards the specs. After a quick review on the specs we will try to compare Mi 10 Pro with Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Specifications :-
  • Display : 6.67 inces 1080P Amoled display with 90Hz refresh rate.
    Xiaomi MI 10 Pro
  • Ram : 8GB/12GB.
  • Internal : 256GB non-expandable.
  • Battery : 4780mAh self attached. 
  • Processor : SD 865
  • Network : 4G/5G as stated.
  • Camera : 108MP main camera with 20MP Ultra-Wide, TelePhoto and Depth Sensing each.
  • Price : INR 51000. (expected)

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Specifications :-
  • Display : 6.5 inch retina display.

    Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Ram : 4GB
  • Internal : 64GB
  • Battery : 3969 mAh
  • Processor : A13 Bionic
  • Network : 4G
  • Camera : 12MP at 2160P
  • Price : INR14,00,00.

Now let's go towards the questions which are making people curious about the xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.

Which one will be good to buy Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max?
If we look at this smartphones than one could find a tough competition in between their specs. Both the smartphones are designed to deliver you the maximum level of satisfaction. If you are a android user and prefer android ecosystem, then Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is made for you but in case you love Apple's ecosystem and the price of iPhone 11 Pro Max is not a big issue for you, then iPhone 11 Pro Max will be a better option to go through.

Which One has a Good Camera? Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max?
According to DxOMark, Now the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro features best camera in a Smartphone with a perfect image quality and proper Texture and Noise, Saturation and Detailing. It doesn't means that Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max has gone behind. The Apple is always at top due to its Quality which is no doubt adopted by all the other companies. 

Why Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has Better Camera than iPhone 11 Pro Max?
Comparing anything from a very minor difference doesn't make sense. Yes, according to DxOMark, now the Mi 10 Pro has better Camera but there is not much difference between the Camera Quality of both Xiaomi and Apple. If you will be given two samples shot from Mi 10 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max than you won't be able to recognize which one is shot from Apple and which one from Xiaomi.

Among Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max which one will Perform Better?
This question is quiet interesting. If we look at Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro processor details than we come to know that it features Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with 8 and 12 Gigs of RAM which is at Top Notch (wanna know why?), on the other hand, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max features Apple's latest A13 Bionic Chipset which is among the Best Smartphone Processor in the world with a 4 Gigs of RAM. Now again if you are going to compare this both Beasts than there will be a better Performance Indication in iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Why iPhone 11 Pro Max Performance is Better than Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro?
Don't simply go deep into the specs and RAM details. The amount of RAM doesn't makes sense in case of Apple's devices, but it can make sense if you are comparing an Android with an Android. Apple is simply Awesome isn't it?

Conclusion for Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max :
If you will just go on comparing than there is thousand of minor and major things to compare which is not possible. Both the Ecosystem have there own Advantage and Disadvantage, now it's your turn to decide which one suits you the most The Apple's Ecosystem or Xiaomi's Mi 10 Pro.

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