Apple is the most loving and a premium brand which offers a variety of premium and high quality smartphones and other powerful gadgets which are just great. But, what happened to this company that it is closing all of it's stores located in china? Yes, all the stores not any one or two. So, in this article we will be discussing about the reason behind the shutting down of apple from china.

Now another big question arises that if apple is shutting down all of it's stores located in China than what will be the effect on the production of iphones in china? Well keep reading, all this questions will be answered till the last of this post.  

A few month ago we came across a serious outbreak in China which is Coronavirus. This virus has infected lots of people in China including apple's workers due to which apple has decided to shut down all the offline apple stores and contact center in China.

Now, this was about the apple stores running offline in china. What about online stores? Well Apple has confirmed that there will be no effect on the selling and support of their product distributed via online method, the customer's will be able to buy apple products online in china.

Now let's discuss about the production, it has been told by the Foxconn that the production of iphones will not be affected and the production will be continued as it was before.

IS there any specific date to shut down the apple stores in China?
Apple is closing ALL stores, corporate offices, and contact centers in China due to Coronavirus through Feb. 9, company says in statement

Apple will keep its online stores open because it gave a very big jerk to its selling and ecosystem. Apple has also told that once the problem of coronavirus is sorted out, they will try to reopen their stores as soon as possible.

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