iPhones are the most loved smartphones in the market. Every third person in this world wants to be a iPhone owner, but it is not that much easy how much it sounds because iPhones are much expensive than a regular android smartphones and also their services are quiet limited and expensive. 

So, Should you buy an iPhone? Let's find the answer to this question...

People love iPhones for their performance and secondly it is also a status symbol of an individual, it makes the person feel confident and unique in the crowd. But, Android smartphones also have better performance? Yes android are also impressive but the optimization between the software and hardware in an iPhone makes it unbeatable and unique.

Since iPhones are very expensive(5-7 times of android) they can not be easily bought, people could not afford that much expensive smartphones, therefore iPhones are generally found near the rich peoples.

But, what if an ordinary guy wants to purchase an iPhone? Which iPhone will be the best for an middle class individual? Should He buy an old iPhone or should He go for an android at the same price range?

Why You Need An iPhone?

Before purchasing an smartphone you should know why you want it? Similarly, if you are purchasing an iPhone than you should decide what you will do with that? it is the basic step which will let you decide which iPhone is best to buy?

Decided What To Do?

Once you have decided the work you are going to do than that's great. Let me make it more clear, there are generally two types of decision a person makes when buying an iPhone.

1.) To do Heavy Works of Business and offices. 
2.) Nothing related to work Just An iPhone. 

Now let me make it more clear, If you want an iPhone for you business and work then you will need latest type of device that depends upon your workload. Well let me categorize the thing to make it more simple.
  • Light Workload :- If you work is not very heavy but still you want to buy an iPhone then I will suggest you to buy an iPhone 6 or 6s. You may but old iphone that will save you a huge amount of money which can be used to buy a mid range android smartphone as an alternative to Apple or for something other as required by you.
  • Moderate Workload :- If you encounter moderate workload for your upcoming iPhone than go for iPhone 7 or 8. They will do the job, you can use the same technique in order to save your money. There are lot more people who use to sell their used iPhones at a good price, contact them and bring your phone to home.
  • Heavy Workload :- Here comes the main confusion because in this segment there are lot more killer iPhones.
1.) If your work is heavy and include multitasking but you want a good device at good price than go for iPhone XR. iPhone Xr will worth your money not only in 2020 but for more years.

2.) If you want more reliability and performance without taking care of money than go for X, XS and XS Max they will do the job Brilliantly.

3.) If you want Apple's latest innovation than close you eyes and spend money on iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Buying them will help you to get rid of the support problem because they are latest.

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Now if you need only an iPhone than there is only one decision, go for any iPhone that suits you and your budget because an iPhone is always watched with pride. Let me tell you I personally use an iPhone 4s in 2021 and I am satisfied. So it doesn't matter much and also it will do very much works of yours easily.

iPhones are just unmatchable with any other smartphones but still people are afraid about the following questions.

Is Buying an iPhone XR will worth Money in 2021?

Yes, why not! who told it will not worth your price in 2021, well if you will ask me I will suggest if you buy an Xr it will be still worthy three years later and it's performance is awesome.

Should I buy XR or iPhone 11 in 2021?

Both the smartphones are awesome and cool. Basically the latest is always best but that will cost you very much. If you have no problem with the release date and a bit change in specs than iPhone XR is not only cheaper but also excellent. But, if you have no problem to spend money than leave all these and go for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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