Well looking towards the most loving airpods by Apple is quiet impressive but due to its high cost price many of us can't afford that. But, no problem the chinese company has solution for all the problems. They designed the same looking airpods in a very low cost but Yes, the quality will be also as the price is.

Image by Florian Schmucker from Pixabay 

i12 airpods


In this article we will be talking about i12 generic airpods which cost me approx $7 to $10 ( INR 500-700). I will try to give you my opinion on this product which can help you to judge the quality and satisfaction for the price you pay.
I will try to go through some of the points which I feel better to describe and rate this product.

Design:- If you want a better and a satisfying design then this generic airpods is same as the apple's one. The design is awesome and when you will lift it in your hands to open, you are going to get a premium feel.

Build Quality:- Yes, since the price is too low you will get a moderate level of build quality which is not going to matter a lot but after a 15 days of usage I noticed that its upper cap starts to get loose on its junction which is not a good thing.

Charging Case:- The charging case looks premium and features a small chinese li-ion battery which has capability to charge the airpods 3 times from zero to hundred, well I have not done this till now.

Airpods (Design & Quality):- The airpods are wireless and looks great, they resembles same as the apple provides with the touch sensors to give command, interesting right? the fitting of the pods are perfect and the sound quality is awesome, but the bass can be better.

what's Interesting:- The price, believe me the price and the quality you are getting in this price range is very impressive. The design is awesome, a good build quality with a great look and an average battery life make it worth, and if you used it 7 months then your money is recovered.

What's bad:- Everything is great but the most awkward thing about this Airpods is that it features a twin colour LED inside it which gives a very cheap look on the ears of the user when is being used. Secondly, the battery will loose its backup after 3 months of usage. If this things doesn't matter to you then, it is a good deal.

What's you opinion about this airpods let me know in the comments. Please share and follow for more articles. Thank you...................

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