China is struggling a lot in this time due to Coronavirus because it has created a very big imbalance in china's economy and productivity. In this article we will be discussing about the impact of Coronavirus on the environment of China and a very popular smartphone manufacturer Apple including its production partner The Foxconn.

Well everyone knows what coronavirus has done with china? and other parts of the world and what is the power of coronavirus? Due to coronavirus there is an extreme condition in the land of China.

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What Is The Effect Of Corona Over Chinese Economy?

This can be understood with a simple example, suppose your family's financial condition is good but unfortunately due to some reasons you have to arrange money instantly for repairing your car which encountered an accident by your brother. You will feel less or more disturbance, similarly in China Wuhan coronavirus has created an dangerous disease which is forcing the country to drain all of it's economy to prevent the spreading of this virus.

What Step Will Apple Take To Keep Its Ecosystem Ongoing In China?
If we talk about Apple, then the Apple's ecosystem is disturbed due to which apple has decided to close all of it's offline apple stores in china. Since there is financial disturbance going on in china along with the health, the major damage goes to apple's share and marketing which is bringing down the company profits.
                                                  The chinese manufacturer foxconn has decided to keep the production going as it was before in order to control the stability of the ecosystem, Foxconn has also given leave to their worker's in order to keep them safe from wuhan coronavirus, foxconn is trying to build special protection mask and suits for their workers.

What Apple Has Decided To Do Now?
Since due to this disease people are no more interested in buying smartphones. Apple has decided to temporary ShutDown all the Apple stores and contact centres located in china and focusing towards their online selling platform, This can help to stabalize their ecosystem to some extent, this will also help to save their employees from this disease by keeping them in special care.

Corona has disturbed the economy and technology in a great way hope we will recover soon...........

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