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All right guys, this article is going to be short and of course I wanna make it. In this article, I will be focusing on the main reason to keep and don't an antivirus software on your computer or laptop.

So, do you really need an antivirus software to keep your system free from any virus and malware ? can you use your laptop without antivirus safely ? All this questions are going to be answered in this article so keep your eyes focused.
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It's 2020 so we won't be talking about previous versions of windows like 7, xp etc. instead we are going to focus on the latest versions of operating system by Microsoft like windows 8 and 10. Here are the some key points which should me made clear before proceeding.

contents :-

  • What is an Antivirus?
  • How Antivirus works?
  • Why need an Antivirus?
  • Pros of using an Antivirus?
  • Cons of using an Antivirus?
  • Does latest Microsoft Windows needs Antivirus?
  • Can an Antivirus scam?
  • Precaution!
  • Conclusion!
1. What is an Antivirus :- As the name explains, Anti means against and Virus means something that infect another thing. Similarly like humans computers and machines too comes in contact with several invisible programmes that have ability to inhibit or terminate the functionality of the machine. In the same manner as the humans, the computers are also treated with vaccines called Antivirus.

2. How it works :- The working process of an Antivirus is same as the humans vaccine for any disease, when the virus attacks the PC the antivirus program has ability to recognize its arrival even in the critical condition of silence, once grabbed the software deletes or ask the user to remove the malware or to keep it free.

3. Why need is there in the market :- Since the today's market is very busy and security friendly, no one wants to take risk with their data and hence allowing various companies to come in front with their highest security options. This enables user to select the best one that suites.

4. Pros :- Their is nothing very good with an antivirus excepting security, but where security comes, everything gets faded.

5. Cons :- Nothing made by humans in this world is perfectly optimized, but it keeps on improving and evolving which is very important, according to me a user can feel problems with the system speed and few bugs after installing an Antivirus. But it depends upon the software how much it is light and genuine.

6. Does latest windows need :- If you are gonna ask me there will be a single answer maximum times, it is "NO" (there is exception) because Microsoft is highly evolved and it's latest OS are coming with built in high security Firewalls and Defenders which are alone capable of tackling with various types of Malware and viruses, now talking back about the exception well it is not important always but maybe a user can require a next level security for his/her business then one should go for Antivirus otherwise it is no big deal.

7. Antivirus a Scam :- Yes, but it depends from where are you purchasing the software. If you are greedy and tries to crack it from any unknown and insecure source then no doubt it may leak your data and passwords but if you are buying it from trusted service provider then their is no chance of scam.

8. Precaution :- Always try to use genuine softwares whether it is Antivirus or something else.That will be more digestive to you and your Privacy.

9. Conclusion :- If you will ask the final decision in short line,,,, then you don't need an Antivirus in your PC until your work is gonna need  very very secure operation.

Hope this article has helped you to decide whether Antivirus is made for your pc or not ? If you have any queries let me know in the comments below............and also don't forget to check out our other articles too.

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