Today we are at the amazing peak of technology. From the last 5 years the technology has taken a big turn which have evolved in such a way that it has left behind all the previous best technologies.
The best thing which I and you know about from the family of today's technology is the AI Artificial Intelligence and the Internet.

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The former which is known as AI in short is very popular now a days, even the smartphone in which you are reading this article can have AI inside it. AI is not a component of a smartphone but it has a built in learning system which interacts with the user's usage of the machine and tracks as well as stores the user's data for better user experience. They are generally encoded in the main chip (say processor) of the machine or the smartphone as well as they can be used in the camera sensors for the next level Photography.

What is AI actually?

Actually AI is an man made or you can say artificial kind of intelligence which features machine learning technology. This helps the system to track the user's interaction with the device and calculate the best possible settings to be delivered for better optimization (say battery health, camera quality or performance).

Does AI is used only in smartphones and laptops?

Well if you are reading this article then you may have understood the meaning of artificial intelligence. But all the things does not terminate here, instead of which a question arises : that- Is smartphone and laptop are the places where the use of AI is maximum? then the answer will be "no".
                                                Let me explain you this thing with an example, suppose you visited and searched for something related to gadgets and watched two or three videos then you will find that YouTube will show you more videos related to that topic. Now stop watching gadgets, and search for News then you will find that YouTube will show you more topics about News, a similar thing happens with other websites like Amazon, FlipKart, eBay etc.

Now what about Internet?

Okay, as I explained AI above very clearly.....Now it's time to explain Internet. Internet is a very popular thing and even an illiterate people is familiar with its use so, The Internet is a source of connection between the whole world.

How is AI connected with the Internet?

A very interesting question! well If you have read the above paragraphs carefully than you may sort out on your own that at maximum cases the relation between Internet and AI is in a partially symbiotic form whose advantage is taken by mankind and not by the Internet and AI itself.
Ai technology
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There co-relation makes our work very easy. The Internet is a very huge place and the AI has ability to sort out even a needle from the mountain of straws. The use of AI today is very impressive it is being used in constructing various other big technologies like Robotics and Aeronautics. Well their use should be very careful otherwise they may be very dangerous for mankind.

What's your opinion about AI and Internet, please let me know in the comments section.
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