As we know all the Microsoft company has ended the support for your most loved operating system windows 7, this operating system was very popular before some years and also today, but unfortunately the company has ended all the security updates and supports for the Windows 7.

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So now in this article,,,, I wanna just be frank with you in term of using windows 7 in 2020 will be safe or risky ? so keep reading this article I make sure that you will be understanding the things very clearly.
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windows 7
In this years 14th of January Microsoft has ended the extended support for windows 7 under which, the windows 7 user are not going to get the latest updates for the operating system and also the security updates are going to be terminated.

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Ended support for windows 7
What does the term termination means ?
  The termination of support doesn't means that you can't use windows 7 operating system anymore, but user will not get any further future security updates for the operating system after the day of the end of support, which will bring the user's PC close to the risk of being exposed to the malware and virus. 

Will you have to upgrade to windows 8 or 10 ?
  Well this is going to be a big question about upgrading the operating system to the latest one but don't worry!!! I am gonna make this thing easy for you.
                                                   I tried here to explain this question clearly on the basis of this two sub divisions.

  • User using at home :- If you are using your operating system normally in home just for playing games, editing photos and a little bit surfing on internet (not compulsory), then you may or may not upgrade to the windows 10 but upgrading will be the better option*(suggestion).

  • Use using at office or industry :- If your every work is connected to the internet whether it is of small business, office or industry or may be your own home working job, then your pc must be running windows 10 but in case this statement is wrong then don't think a bit more time to upgrade to the genuine windows 10 in order to get rid of the spammers and hackers.

So upgrading to the latest OS of Microsoft is quiet easy to do, so please make sure you are always fulfilled with the latest security updates.
                                                  If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us or you may make us know in the comments below.↡↡↡ 
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