Well Technology brings us a lot more things to get amazed and surprised, and if think that the technology is limited to a certain range of limitation than that will be a part of a big insult to me and the others who are the adviser and propagator of this Beast.
                      So as a tech adviser and a tech blogger and writer I would feel blessed to share this amazing Tech devices which is just gonna make your day.So get your eyes ready to read this awesome article on THE MOST INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY OF 2020.

IN this article I am focused towards this six awesome Tech innovations,which I am pretty sure you will love.

Note :- All the images used are from third party source. Our intention is not to hurt anyones hardwork, we are using this images only for sharing an visible understanding.

1. Now you can type without keyboard :- Well typing without a keyboard is not a big deal if you are on 2020,but the typing is not common as well. Like every year CES ( Computer Electronic Show ) 2020 brings us very unique type of technologies which includes Selfie Type. This technology was brought by SAMSUNG in CES,In this technology a user has no requirement of a physical keyboard because it is an invisible virtual keyboard, the most impressive thing of this keyboard is that it basically changes the surface into a typing keyboard.

Third party image
                                                   In order to use this feature the user have to Install Galaxy Selfie Camera plus AI app, this app monitors the movement of the hand of user and track it. After this any one can type using this invisible keyboard by putting the smartphone vertical. It support only English language currently, hope samsung will encode others too.

2. Belly Robot :- During the show samsung has also introduced a ball like gadget called Belly Robot. It is an advanced ball which features advance AI. It can be used as a security and fitness assistant, and the most impressive thing about this little ball, is that it can understand and react to the emotions of the user and can respond to the commands. Like a pet it comes close when called by its owner,,isn't it cool ???
Image result for samsung belly robot
Belly robot - Third party image reference
3. AO Atmos Air filter Mask :- If you are facing a lot more problems with the current increased pollution, then this innovative Technology is for you. Ao Atmos Personal Air filter Mask is a mask made up of plastic and is developed by startup AO, it is armoured with different tiny fans,filters and pressure sensors which have a huge capability to purify the polluted atmospheric air. Most impressive thing about this device is that, it's design make it possible to cover whole area of nose and ear easily.

Image result for ao air atmos mask
Ao Atmos air filter
4. 1+ Concept One :- The next innovation is one plus concept one, a most advanced smartphone by 1+ which was introduced in CES. This is the first phone which features Electro-Chromic glass panel in its body, it makes the rear camera hidden. This smartphone uses organic materials in its back panel and other parts except the portion of rear camera which has a special glass encoded. The most impressive thing about this smartphone is that it is engineered in association with McLaren.
5. Mercedes Benz Vision Avataar :- During the show Mercedes disclosed its concept car Vision Avataar which is no doubt inspired by a hollywood movie "Avataar", this car features various futuristic elements within it like heart rate monitor in seat, a controller instead of a stearing wheel etc. Most impressive thing about vision is that it can not only interact with the people inside but also with the people outside the car. 
Image result for mercedes benz vision avtr"
Benz avataar                    
6. Artificial Human Neon :- Samsung's Star Labs research group has introduced this unique Technology during the show, which can interact with the humans exactly like humans do. Well we can not say them a robot or a voice assistant but they are the digital human beings (samsung said). The most impressive thing about this is that it has a great capability to learn various skills along with that it can use various languages like English, Hindi etc.
Image result for artificial human neon
Artificial Human neon
So this was the list of Most Innovative technology recently came into existence. No doubt samsung has contributed a lot in making our life more easy and comfortable, at the mean time other too are doing a great work to improve the applications of Tech.
                                                       Among the following unique Tech gadgets which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments... 
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